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1. Preamble:

This Privacy Charter for the Protection of Personal Data is governed by the laws and regulations of the eligible countries mentioned below:

Algeria: Considering Law 18-07 of June 10, 2018, concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Morocco: Considering Decree No. 1-09-15 of Safar 22, 1430 (February 18, 2009), promulgating Law No. 09-08 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Tunisia: Law No. 2004-63 of July 27, 2004, concerning the protection of personal data.

Definition and Nature of Personal Data:

During your use of our website and/or Yassir applications, including Yassir, Yassir chauffeur, and Yassir express, we may ask you to provide us with personal data about you.

The term "personal data" refers to all data that can identify an individual, including your name, first names, pseudonym, photograph, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, data relating to your transactions on the website or applications provided by the company Yassir, including Yassir, Yassir chauffeur, and Yassir express, details of your purchases and subscriptions, credit card numbers, as well as any other information you choose to provide us about yourself.

2. Purpose of this Charter:

The purpose of this charter is to inform you about the means we implement to collect your personal data, in strict compliance with your rights and according to the laws mentioned in the preamble of this charter.

Identity of the Data Collection Controller:

The entity responsible for collecting your personal data is the company Yassir, with its registered office at:



Postal Address: Micro Activity Zone Said Hamdine, Lot No. 11 Bir Mourad Rais, Algiers

Trade Register Number: 17B 8994990-00/16

Tax Identification Number (NIF): 001716099948978

Statistical Identification Number (NIS): 001716010111763

Email Address: support@yassir.com

Customer Support: +123 782 82 82 82


Postal Address: 4 Leningrad Street, Omlreit RCE, 7th Floor, Casablanca, Morocco

Email Address: support@yassir.ma

Customer Support for Clients: +212 668 117 942

Customer Support for Drivers: +212 668 065 229


Postal Address: Apartment No. B1, 1st Floor, Block B Bis, Kanzet Building, Lake Chad Street, Les Berges du Lac 1, 1053, Tunis, Tunisia

Email Address: support@yassir.tn

Customer Support: +216 31 190 000

Purpose of Collecting Personal Data:

3. Your personal data is collected to fulfill one or more of the following purposes:

Manage your access to certain services available on the website and Yassir applications, including Yassir, Yassir chauffeur, and Yassir express, and their use. Perform operations related to customer management, including contracts, orders, deliveries, invoices, loyalty programs, and customer relationship management. Maintain a registered members file. Send newsletters, solicitations, and promotional messages. You have the option to refuse such communication with each message and/or solicitation sent. Generate business and usage statistics for our services. Manage customer reviews of products, services, or content. Manage unpaid balances and potential disputes related to our service usage. Comply with legal and regulatory obligations. Recipients of Collected Data:

Our company's staff and our subcontractors responsible for processing data may have access to your data for the purposes mentioned in Article 4 of this charter.

Public organizations may also be recipients of your personal data, exclusively to fulfill our legal obligations.

4. Transfer of Personal Data:

Your personal data may be transferred, free of charge or for a fee, to third parties for the purposes mentioned in Article 4 above.

5. Retention Period of Personal Data:

Regarding data related to customer and prospect management:

Your personal data will not be retained beyond the strictly necessary duration for the management of our business relationship with you and/or for the execution of the contract between the parties, as well as for the achievement of the purposes mentioned in Article 4 above. However, data necessary to establish proof of a right or contract, which must be retained in compliance with a legal obligation, will be kept for the duration prescribed by the applicable law.

6. Regarding audience measurement statistics:

Information stored on users' devices or any other element used to identify users and enable their tracking or monitoring will not be kept beyond the period necessary for the execution of the contract between the parties and for the achievement of the purposes mentioned in Article 4 above.

7. Security:

We inform you that we take all necessary precautions, appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of your personal data, including preventing them from being altered, damaged, or accessed by unauthorized third parties.


Cookies are text files, often encrypted, stored in your browser. They are created when a user's browser loads a specific website: the site sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Whenever the user returns to the same site, the browser retrieves this file and sends it to the server of the website.

Two types of cookies can be distinguished, each serving different purposes: technical cookies and advertising cookies:

Technical cookies are used throughout your navigation to facilitate and execute certain functions. For instance, a technical cookie can be used to remember responses entered in a form or user preferences regarding language or presentation of a website when such options are available. Advertising cookies can be created not only by the website the user is browsing but also by other websites displaying advertisements, banners, widgets, or other elements on the displayed page. These cookies can be used for targeted advertising, meaning advertising tailored to the user's browsing. We use technical cookies. These are stored in your browser for a period not exceeding six months.

We do not use advertising cookies. However, if we were to use them in the future, we would inform you in advance, and you would have the option to disable these cookies if desired.

We use or may use Google Analytics, a statistical audience analysis tool that generates a cookie to measure the number of visits to the site, the number of pages viewed, and visitor activity. Your IP address is also collected to determine the city from which you are connecting. The duration of retention of this cookie is mentioned in Article 7 (v) of this charter.

We remind you that you have the option to refuse the placement of cookies by configuring your browser. However, such refusal may impact the proper functioning of the site.

9. Consent:

When you choose to communicate your personal data, you expressly give your consent to Yassir to collect and use them in accordance with what has been stated in this charter and the applicable laws.

You expressly give your consent to the company to transmit them to its subcontractors, especially regarding the electronic signature of your contract through the Docusign platform. Users are advised to consult the General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You also expressly consent to the company, when creating your profile on the Yassir, Yassir chauffeur, and Yassir express applications, to transmit your phone number to one of its providers.

You also expressly consent to receive notifications, alerts, SMS, and emails from the Yassir application.

If you no longer wish to receive email notifications or SMS from us, you can inform Yassir by sending an email to the following address:

Morocco: support@yassir.ma

Algeria: support@yassir.io

Tunisia: support@yassir.tn

10. Right to File a Complaint with the Regulatory Authority:

Users are informed of their right to file a complaint with the regulatory authority for any violation in the processing of personal data, according to each eligible country mentioned in the preamble.

11. Access to Your Personal Data:

We inform you that you have the right to access, and if necessary, rectify or delete the data concerning you by sending a request to the following addresses:

For Algeria:

Email Address: support@yassir.io

Postal Address: Activity Zone, Lot No. 11, Said Hamdine, Bir Mourad Rais.

For Morocco:

Email Address: support@yassir.ma

Postal Address: 4 Leningrad Street, Omlreit RCE, 7th Floor, Casablanca, Morocco

For Tunisia: support@yassir.tn

Postal Address: Rue du lac Tchad, Kanzet Building, Block B Bis, 1st Floor, Apartment No. B1, Les Berges du Lac 1, 1053, Tunis.

It is reminded that any person can, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of data concerning them.

12. Modifications:

We reserve the right to modify this charter without prejudice to the applicable laws in each of the eligible countries mentioned in the preamble.

These modifications will take effect from the publication of the new charter. Your use of the website and/or applications following the entry into force of these modifications will constitute acknowledgment and acceptance of the new charter. Otherwise, if this new charter is not acceptable to you, you should refrain from accessing the website and/or the web application.

13. Effective Date:

This charter came into effect on the date of its publication on the YASSIR application and/or website.