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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all your questions and queries to help you better understand the VTC service and how to become a YASSIR partner.

The examination includes two parts: theory and practice.




The examination consists of a multiple-choice question (MCQ) and a short answer question (SAQ). It lasts 3 hours and 50 minutes and includes seven tests.

The tests are as follows:

 - transport regulations

- driving safety

- corporate management

- understanding of French and English

- business growth

- national VTC regulations.


Practice :


It is a professional driving test. The candidate plays the role of the VTC driver in front of 2 examiners - a member of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (la Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat) and an expert (driving licence inspector, VTC driver...) - acting as a customer. They will be able to intervene on the second set of pedals present in the car to end the VTC practical test (as during the driving licence examination). In addition, questions will be asked to the candidate and his/her ability to draw up an estimate and an invoice will be assessed.

Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to contact an approved training centre to prepare for the VTC exam. You will then be offered VTC training, which will prepare you for the test modules.

Since the entry into force of the Grand Guillaume Act, registration for the exam is done at the Chambre de Métiers et de l'Artisanat (CMA), which is also responsible for the organization and evaluation of the exams. Note that the CMA does not provide the dual-control car.

Please note the following: afterwards, you should know that every VTC driver must attend a continuous training course of at least 14 hours every 5 years, given in an approved training centre.

Once the VTC exam has been validated, to obtain your VTC professional card, you need to send a written request to the prefecture of the department where you live (or to the police prefecture in Paris). Your VTC professional card will be issued by the administration within 3 months.


The profession of VTC is regulated: you have to fulfill some conditions to obtain your VTC card.


To apply for your VTC card, you should :

- Have held a B licence for more than 3 years (for more than 2 years in the case of accompanied driving). 

- Have followed the "Prevention and Civic Relief Level 1" (PSC1) course for less than 2 years.

- Pass a medical check-up 

- Validate the VTC examination.


In addition, the prefecture will also check that you have not been sentenced for one of the following convictions listed in bulletin No 2 of the criminal record:

  • Reduction in driving license points by half 
  • Driving without a licence
  • Sentenced to at least 6 months in prison

To apply for entry in the VTC register, you can choose between setting up a company or self-employed status.


Indeed, the steps to become a VTC driver necessarily involve, once you have obtained your VTC card from the prefecture, setting up a professional legal framework by choosing the best legal status for a VTC.


While the status of auto-entrepreneur may be interesting at the beginning, it is no longer appropriate once the activity has developed. Indeed, the auto-entrepreneur is limited in terms of turnover. Moreover, unlike the auto-entrepreneur, the company status allows the deduction of professional expenses: fuel, car rental and social security contributions for example.


In practice, a large number of drivers decide to set up a SASU (JSC) in VTC.

Once your company is registered or your self-employed business is established, you should obtain a VTC licence before you start riding. The VTC register (which replaces Atout France) is the administration that issues VTC licences. Registration can now be done entirely online on the website of the Transport Ministry, the licence being valid for 5 years. The average deadline for registration in the register is one month.


To register online, you will need to provide the following information:

- A certificate of professional civil liability insurance

- A copy of the proof of the company's registration (K-Bis extract for companies or notice of situation) in the SIRENE register for auto-entrepreneurs)

- A copy of the registration certificate (car registration document) of the vehicle

- A double-sided copy of the driver's VTC business card 

- Proof of financial capacity (minimum €1,500 per vehicle), unless the driver is the owner of the car or a long-term tenant (car rental contract of more than 6 months). If necessary, a share capital of 1.500 € can be used as financial capacity.

The administrative costs for registration in the VTC register amount to € 170. Once the registration has been recorded by the VTC register, you will receive your registration certificate with your registration number. You will then be able to complete and print out the red badge for VTC drivers. This badge must be affixed to the car's front and back.

It's quite easy! Just click on this link: Sign up and in 2 steps, your file is validated, you will be contacted and received by our team who will activate your partner account!

The chauffeur-driven transport car should have:

- Between 4 and 9 seats, including driver

- Less than 6 years old (except vintage and classic cars)

- Electric and hybrid cars are accepted up to 10 years of service.

- At least 4 doors

- Minimum overall dimensions: 4.50 m x 1.70 m

- An engine with a net power greater than or equal to 84 kW.

Please contact us at the following e-mail address: partenaires@yassir.com